Gross jokes → Bear guts

Three guys go bear hunting, and one guy keeps farting and laughing about it. The other two tell him to quiet down but he keeps farting. They eventually tell him he will fart his guts out if he keeps it up much longer.

The guy doesn’t believe them and they go on bear hunting. They manage to kill a bear in the evening and they put up tents for the night. The guy who kept farting goes to bed and the other two decide to pull a prank on him.

Once they are sure he is asleep, they gut the bear and put all of the guts in the guy’s tent. They wake up early the next morning to see what happens, but their friend seems to be taking a while in his tent. After a while he walks out of his tent walking funny holding a bloody stick and says “wow you guys are right, I farted my guts out last night! but by the grace of god and this stick, I got them all back in!”

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