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There was a guy, who was the most buff guy, and his girlfriend were at a bar and she just dumped him. So she left the bar leaving him upset and alone.

About ten minutes later when he was sipping his beer, a gay guy came up and sat next to him and said, ‘’Hey guy, how’s it hangin’?‘’ The buff guy looked up at him and yelled, ’’GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! MY GIRLFRIEND JUST LEFT ME AND I DON’T NEED SOME HOMOSEXUAL SCREWIN’ AROUND WITH MY MIND!!!’’

The gay man looked suprised and said, ‘’Hey I was just wondering if you wanted to play tabletop football?’’ The buff guy answered with another question, ‘’ How do you play that?’’ The gay guy replied, ‘’ It’s rather simple, we each get slid a beer, one at a time we chug it, and if you belch you get a point, and if you fart, you get the extra point. Ready…‘’ He then said to the bartender, ’’Slide me one!’’

The gay guy started chugging the beer and then belched, then started trying to fart as hard as he could and he clenched his teeth when finally a little weenie fart popped out. ‘’ Extra point!!’’ The buff guy just stared at him and said, ‘’Slide me a beer!’’

The bartender slid him one and he chugged it. He then belched a huge belch, then he started trying to fart, when the gay guy ran up to him pulled his pants out, whipped out his prick and shoved it up the buff guy’s ass and yelled, ‘’BLOCK THAT KICK!! BLOCK THAT KICK!!’’’

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