Uncategorised jokes → Doing The Washing

A newlywed couple had a slight problem when it came to doing the deed. The idea of openly confessing their sexual desires was too difficult for them. Finally, they both sat down to resolve their problem. They agreed that anytime either partner wanted to have sex, all they had to do was ask the other partner, ‘’Do you want to do the washing?’’

So the weeks went on and things started to get better. The husband would nudge his wife in bed and say, ‘’Love, do you want to do the washing?’’

Then they would have sex. The wife did the same when she felt frisky.

One night, the husband went to bed early because he was tired. A few hours later the wife followed. After getting in bed she felt the urge to get it on. So she nudged her husband and whispered, ‘’Honey, do you want to do the washing?’’

‘’No thanks, love,’’ he said. ‘’It was only a small load tonight, so I did it by hand.’’

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