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One time at a local golf course three shitty players were going out for a round of golf at 8 a.m. Just as they were teeing off the course pro walked by.

One guy yelled out, ‘’Hey pro want to join us?’’ The pro said sure and got his clubs and came out. The first guy walked up to the tee box and hit. The ball hooked onto another fairway.

The guy turns around and asks the pro, ‘’What did I do wrong?’’

The pro, knowing that this would probably take a while, looks at him and says ‘’LOFT.’’ The guy pretended to understand this and put his club back in his bag. The next guy walks up to the tee box and hits. The ball slices into the parking lot. Again the guy asks what he did wrong.

The pro again says ‘’LOFT.’’

Then the last guy walks up and hits. The ball this time goes five feet off the tee box. The guy again asks and the pro says ‘’LOFT.’’

The first walks up to the pro and asks, ’’What does loft mean if everybody sucks?

The pro says, ’’There’s nothing wrong with your swing it’s just a LACK OF FUCKING TALENT!!!’’

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