Uncategorised jokes → Parrot and a Truckload of Chickens

There was a chicken farmer who owned a talking parrot.

One day he decided that it was time to take his chickens to market, so he asked his parrot, ‘’Do you want to go for a ride?’’

And the parrot said, ‘’Squak! Wanna go for a ride!’’

So the farmer loaded the chickens into the truck, and took the parrot in the cab with him.

On the way to town, there was a cute female hitchhiker on the side of the road. He pulled over and she asked for a ride.

He said, ‘’Will you fuck me?’’

Of course she said, ‘’Hell no.’’

So the farmer goes, ‘’No fuck, no ride.’’

The hitchhiker thinks about it for a minute, sighs, and reluctantly agrees.

So they fuck, and then they are driving along when suddenly the parrot goes, ‘’Squak! No fuck, no ride!’’

The farmer says ‘’Shut up!!’’

Ten minutes later, the parrot says it again. The farmer slaps the parrot and goes, ‘’If you say that one more time, you are going in the back with the chickens.’’

Sure enough, ten minutes later the parrot goes, ‘’Squak! No fuck, no ride! No fuck, no ride!’’

Farmer pulls over, grabs the parrot by the neck, and throws it in the back of the truck.

A half hour later, the farmer sees cop lights in his rear view, so he pulls over.

The officer moves up to the window.

The farmer says, ’’What’s wrong officer? I wasn’t speeding or anything.‘’
The cop goes, ’’No, no, it’s not that, you should know that there is a parrot throwing chickens off the back of your truck saying, ‘Squak! No fuck no ride!’’’

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