Uncategorised jokes → The Princess and the Driver

One afternoon, a princess decided to go for a ride in her carriage, so she called the driver down. ‘’Driver! Take me for a ride,’’ the princess said.
‘’Yes, your majesty,’’ the driver replied. They get in the carriage. They’re riding down the road when they happen to get a flat. He gets a crowbar and tries to pry the tire off and he can’t seem to get it off. ‘’Damn!’’ he shouts.
The princess peeks out and says, ‘’Wanna screw-driver?’’ The driver says, ‘’Why not? I can’t get this damn tire off. So he hops in the back seat and they take off their clothes. They start going at it and the carriage begins to shake. The tire pops off and both at the same time both say, ‘’There we go!’’

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