Uncategorised jokes → The Italian Virgin's Wedding Night

    Marol spent her wedding
night in her family home. As was the tradition for many years in her Italian family, the
bride’s mother would be in the room next door just in case she needed the answer to any nervous questions.

    Mama’s last word of advice
before Marol went in to the bridal chamber to consumate her marriage was " Marol, you
have-a any a problem you come and-a see Mama"

    So later when Marol
unbuttoned her new husband’s shirt, she turned pale, jumped up, ran next door and said “Mama, Mama he
has hair all over his chest!” Mama reassuringly tells Marol, “Men have-a hair on
their chest. This is a sign of a good-a man, go now and-a make him happy.”

    When Marol’s husband
started to unbutton her shirt, she went pale again,jumped up, ran next door and said
“Mama, Mama he is trying to undress me!” Mama reassuringly tells Marol,
“He must-a undress you if he-a gonna make a real woman outta you. He is a good-a man
Marol, go now and-a make him a happy.

    All went well until her
husband took off his shoes. He was wearing a prosthectic foot, as he was missing half
of his right foot because of a childhood accident. Marol, pale once again jumped up and ran to the door, shouting, “Mama, Mama! He has a foot and a half!”

    Her Mama got up and announced, " Stand a-back Marol this is a job for Mama!"

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