Uncategorised jokes → Two gay guys are sat talking when the 1st gay guy

Two gay guys are sat talking when the 1st gay guy mentions that his nickname is “Sweetie Botty”

2nd gay: “And why is that?”

1st gay: “Well it’s because you can put any sweet in my bottom, and I can guess what it is”

2nd gay: “Really? Wow that is amazing! It just so happens I have been looking after my sisters children today, and have a bag of sweets here! If you want to try it?!”
1st gay: “No problem” he says, and drops his pants down and bends over.

The 2nd gay takes out the bag of sweets, picks one and then places it in his friends butt-hole.

2nd gay: “What’s that?!”

1st gay: “Oooh. Hmmm. I think think that is a murray mint” he says.

2nd gay: “Correct! Wow. Lets try another! Whats this one?”

1st gay: “Hmmm. I think that might be a toffee?”

2nd gay: “Spot on! Amazing! How about one more?!”

And with that the 2nd gay puts down the sweets, undoes his pants and forces his penis up the 1st gays bum.

2nd gay: “What about this?!”

1st gay: “Oooooh. That’s a treat!”

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