Uncategorised jokes → The Red Shoes

A young lady was standing in front of a shoe store staring at a pair of red shoes. She said I would do anything to have those red shoes! A man overheard her and said, “Would you go to bed with me for those shoes?”

Yes," she said, “but I am a cold woman and don’t like sex, so don’t expect me to act like I enjoy it.” He thought that was fair, so he bought her the shoes. Then he took her home to, ahem, fullfill the bargain

In bed she just lay there as he had sex with her. All of a sudden, she wrapped both legs around him and started to wiggle and hump him. “Aha!” said the man, “I thought you said you didn’t like sex!”

She replied, “I don’t, I’m just trying on my new red shoes!”

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